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John Barton has been  drawing and painting for over 55 years .A native  of the Tweed Coast ( North  N.S.W., Australia),John’s career in architecture ,teaching and creating fine art  has largely  been carried out in the Geelong environs (city in the state of Victoria), while living with his family , all of whom have exhibited artwork locally.

John’s architecture  exudes a coastal contemporary  ambience , often incorporating adobe  (mud brick and rammed earth) walling. Houses he has designed  may be found in Western Australia, New south Wales, Queensland, Tasmania  and  Victoria..

Interpreting the masters : Cezanne, Rembrandt, Van Gogh ,Vermeer and others  from the tender age  of 10 , John learned  the fundamentals  and subtleties  of working in oils (oil paint on canvas , hard board and other surfaces ).

In recent years ( from 1997 on…)John has returned  to former passion … ”  Life  Drawing” ….His graphite  (lead pencil) images are largely  formed  from  6B graphite block,  pencil  and  fine clutch pencil on papers of  varying grades, weights and textures.

His  oil and acrylic paintings  range from  portraiture and domestic scenes  to town, sea and landscapes,depicted ina sometimes realistic , always expressive ,and occasionally in an abstract manner.

John’s drawings and paintings are in public and private collections .

” Abstracts and Still Lifes”  John’s first  solo exhibition  of acrylic and oil paintings, a  43  year  retrospective   was  recently

opened  on 6th May and close 27th May.2011….Movie footage and stills from this show  and a more recent exhibition may  be viewed on this website……Please enjoy,……John Barton.

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